It’s time to put on your inventor hat and get methodical with this science and engineering challenge where the goal is to build a real “chain reaction”.


A particularly creative team building where each team pursues the same common goal: the construction of a “chain reaction” of the Rube Goldberg machine type, a series of events, each one provoked by the previous one, propagating from a starting point to a finishing point.

“A marble rolls down a tube, hits a small car, the car moves forward and knocks over dominoes, the last domino pushes a dart that pops a balloon, the balloon releases…”

Every detail counts and everyone is responsible for the success of the project. Just like in a company.

A fun activity that promotes teamwork and synergy.


  • THEME : Construction game
  • ACTIVITY : Indoor or Outdoor
  • GROUPE SIZE : from 20 to 500 poeple
  • PARTICIPANTS PER TEAM : 4 to 10 people
  • TIMING : 2h30
  • SEASON : All year round
  • AWARD CEREMONY : Reward for the winning team


incentive & team building