How can you tell if that what you are eating is good or bad?
What if you cannot see?
Can you rely on your taste?

The magic word is called:
Of course, the freshness of the products allow you to have an excellent tasting.


Indulge yourself with one of your most important senses-your sense of taste !

You can choose between a huge selection of delicacies:

Famous french wine in an ancient cellar or in one of the beautiful vineyards, french cheese, Provencal specialities like socca or pissaladière,beer in the brasserie of Monaco, or even Champagne on a rooftop over Paris …


  • Theme : culinary
  • Activity : tasting
  • Group :
  • Team collaborators :
  • Timing : environ 1h -2h
  • Season : all year round


incentive & team building