Each guest will be able to paint a fresco or totem piece. like a puzzle which will be restructured at the end of the animation.

Participants will have to work as a team to create their own artwork.


Your participants will have to face an unusual and surprising challenge : to reproduce a famous painting or a totem on your branding !

This activity will reveal hidden talents and bring your participants to “collaborate” and build together.

We could imagine, afterwork, to organize a “vernissage” of this collective work of art in your company. It would remind the particpants how much fun they had during this activity.


  • THEME : Artistic creation
  • ACTIVITY : Indoor
  • GROUP SIZE : from 20 to 500 people
  • PARTICIPANTS PER TEAM : from 4 to 10 people
  • TIMING : 1H30 to 3Hours
  • SEASON: all year round
  • AWARD CEREMONY : Fresco or totem will be offered to the company


incentive & team building