The lip dub is a musical video. Teams have to write a screenplay to materialize their film and sing in play back.

This artistic workshop combines rhythm, comedy, collective achievement by giving free rein to the imagination. Good atmosphere, team cohesion and great memories guaranted.


Each team will receive accessories, which will be in accordance with the theme of the previously chosen song.

Participants get the basis to write a screenplay of Lip Dub, choreography and comedy techniques, and the early stages of framing rules.

Employees will have to prove imagination and creativity.

At the end of the shoot, films will be entrusted to a professional who will be in charge to create a final video, in order to allow participants to watch the result, whithin 1 hour.

Each participant will have the chance of getting a memory video.


  • THEME : Musical video shooting
  • ACTIVITE : Outdoor / Indoor
  • GROUP SIZE : 10 to 120 people
  • PARTICIPANTS PER TEAM : 5 to 20 people
  • TIMING : 2h30 to 3h00
  • SEASON: All year round
  • AWARD CEREMONY : Final mucical video given to the company


incentive & team building